Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I know "wordless Wednesday" is technically supposed to be wordless, but I can't help but comment on these pictures...

A couple of years ago, the husband and I decided we should get a dog. All kids should grow up with a dog, a dog would provide extra security for the house, all the normal dog-getting reasons...

He wanted a boxer. I told him how I had an immense dislike for the breed (I had one in the past - can you say stupid & stubborn?? Oh wait, that was my ex-husband...). He persisted and one day came home with this:

Cute little booger, wasn't he?? However, ALL puppies are cute at one point... A white boxer is also an anomaly generally considered a "defect"...My handsome, sweet husband felt sorry for him and therefore we ended up with him. Now as he makes messes and accidentally plows everyone over in the house, it's generally US who are sorry....

That adorable little puppy soon grew into this:

Look at the awkward, gangly, all-legs, vision of goofiness we now have residing in our household. There are the two dogs...the other is a terrier named Scrappy, but we'll tell his story another day...normally they are fighting and picking at each other constantly but I happened to catch this rare moment of snuggling so I felt compelled to snap a few shots.

Now for the mugshots...

Mugshot #1: Front view. His name is Buster but I think we should have named him Mugsy...he looks like a Mugsy, doesn't he??

Mugshot #2: Side view. Check out the saggy lips...ridiculous looking silly creature.

He's lucky the kids adore him! lol


  1. Awww, I think he's adorable! I think boxers are such cute dogs

  2. Lol my inlaws have 3 boxers and that's the only breed they'll ever own so I can understand the feelings with them lol! Though they don't have a white one lol.