Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Post

Happy New Year to everyone! I think writing the first post of a new year is rather intimidating. I'd like to say I woke up this morning with a whole new me, but I didn't. I'm still the same old me with the same old issues and same old messes to clean up. However, I'm trying to remember that it's a blessing to be me and have issues and messes to clean up; otherwise, I'd probably be pretty lonely and I definitely wouldn't have anything to write about.

We brought in the New Year very low key this year. The hubby played World of Warcrap (I hate that damn game), the boys are at their sperm donor's, the little ones went to bed on time and I sat and flipped through the various NYE specials on TV (all of which were horrible) and knitted. Geesh, how old does that make me sound? Oh well, I am justifying it by saying I was doing something productive.

The first day of 2010 I would say has been par for the course around here...streaking toddlers, marking on walls, emptying the refrigerator while Mom is in the bathroom, and a general refusal to nap (however, they are at least staying in their rooms so I can't complain TOO much). I got the living room cleaned up from the two mini tornadoes that played in here earlier and the kitchen is half straightened. I'd love to close my eyes and nap but Lord knows if I close my eyes even for a second, my two little stinkers will escape from their rooms and proceed to destroy anything in sight.

I added a couple more books to my reading list so I can go back and update that post later on and I finished a few more inches of a scarf I'm working on for a friend. Now I think it's time to go hop in the shower before the hubby comes home from work and surprise him by actually being in clothing today instead of PJs. Hey, if you were a stay-at-home-mom, you'd stay in your PJs too, it's ok to be JEALOUS! LOL

Thanks for sticking around and reading my nonsense. Here's to hoping we have a lot of fun nonsense to write about this year!

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