Friday, January 8, 2010

Childhood Memories

The Small Talk Six for this Saturday is to list six of your most vivid childhood memories...

1. Cutting a Christmas tree at the farm with my grandpa when I was four. I had on this stay-puft marshmallow style snowsuit and Grandpa wanted to cut a tree that was on the side of a hill. I was not any more graceful then than I am today and I kept falling and rolling down the hill in my snowsuit. My older cousins kept having to come down and pick me up and haul me back up the hill. They would stand me up and I would topple all over again.

2. When I discovered the tooth fairy wasn't real. I stayed up, determined I was going to get to see the tooth fairy. I had my tooth all set in my tooth fairy pillow with the pocket on the side next to my bed. About midnight, I heard a noise outside the door and squinted my eyes shut. I even stayed still through the flashlight shining in my face to make sure I was asleep. The noise gets closer, closer, closer and then "MOM!!!! YOU'RE THE TOOTH FAIRY?!?!" Scared the crap out of her and my dad was in the other room dying laughing.

3. Making cinnamon rolls with my Grandma K. We made these cinnamon rolls that were completely awful once. I have no idea how old I was at the time. We took some out to Grandpa, who was trying to choke them down, and we sat and giggled at him trying to eat them because we knew how bad they were.

4. Squirrel hunting with my dad. I used to beg relentlessly to go hunting with my dad. He always told me no and that I had to stay at the house with my mother and grandma...sigh. Finally I pestered him enough that he gave him and told me we would go squirrel hunting the next day. He shoots a squirrel and points to where it drops and says "Well, go get it." EWWWW, seriously??? Picture me as a young girl, walking through the woods, holding dead squirrels by the very tips of their tails, arms stretched out as far from my body as they would go. Yep, he cured me of wanting to go hunting and I never asked him again. :)

5. Getting called to the principal's office in elementary school for the first time. Let's preface this by saying I was a very well behaved child up until I was in high school probably. :) They called me to the principal's office over the intercom and I felt my stomach flipflop. My mind is racing, thinking "What did I do? Did I do something wrong? Why are they calling for me?" A 50 ft walk to the office felt like miles. By the time I got there I had tears in my eyes - the school principal was a formidable man and back then, the principal gave out swats with a paddle for misbehavior. :) By the time the school secretary walked me into his office my knees were knocking, my heart was in my throat, and he says "Would you like to help me with the school's United Way campaign this year?"

6. First attempt at giving someone else a ride on my banana seat purple bike with the basket on the front. :) My friend Kristy came over to spend the night and we went out to play the next day and took my bike. I think originally we started to take turns riding up and down the street and then decided that I could give her a ride on the back. We were probably about 8 or 9 at the time?? We take off down the hill and the front wheel starts wobbling. I cannot control it - at all. We make it to the bottom of the hill before wiping out - knees skinned, elbows skinned and Kristy had the biggest goose-egg on her head I think I've ever seen. We get back to the house and I got totally chewed out by my mother because she was horrified to have to send Kristy back to her mother looking like she's been beaten up. :)

I have a ton of memories growing up but those were the first that came to mind. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!!

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