Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Speaking of potty...

We've been working on potty training Miss Sassypants for a while now. She does really well peeing in the potty but has pretty much always refused to do the rest of her business. She would wait for the nighttime or naptime diaper and do it then. Gross! However, we cut out the naptime diaper this week and that seems to have propelled her willingness to do her business on the potty, thank goodness!! I would have taken away the naptime diaper a month ago had I known that!
Today when she did her business and we cheered appropriately she asked her daddy if she could have a "prize". She has been begging here lately for, and I quote, "Daddy, I would like a princess bike, with princess seat, a princess helmet, some princess pads, and princess training wheels, with a princess basket and a princess water bottle." Are you seeing a pattern at all here??
We found such a bike set and made an agreement with her that if she can go 30 days with no accidents, then we will buy the princess bike with the princess helmet and the princess...well you get the idea.
She has seen a chart on the little show she likes to watch "Olivia" so she gets the concept of marking things off on a chart. She actually suggested, "Mommy, I think we need a chart." Well all righty then. I went in and started pulling out the scrapbooking materials. She added plenty of input so I finally had to wait until she went to bed so that I didn't have a supervisor the entire time. LOL She said, "It needs to be bancy (fancy), Mommy!" Ok, a fancy potty chart it is:
I had some old typewriter letter stickers, some antique flower stickers and some scrapbooking paper and the "bancy potty chart" was created. I already added a sticker to day #1 since we had no accidents today. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the process as we go along...hopefully we will be trained once and for all, then we can get the youngest started!

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