Sunday, January 31, 2010

A productive day out of the house!

For those of you that know me well, you know that I usually remain pretty homebound around here. :) With two toddlers at home during the day, and we only have one vehicle that the husband takes to work most of the time, I end up here in the house a lot. Cabin fever generally sets in right after Christmas along with the cold weather and yesterday was just what the doctor ordered! I got a sitter and everything!

My friend Sonya and I decided to sign up for some classes at the local Home Depot. They had a class on painting, a class on tiling and a class on closet organization scheduled for Saturday so we signed up for all three of them.

First just let me say that I'm totally mad at myself for forgetting the would have been fun to have some pictures to go along with this blog. Oh well, maybe next time.

Second, even if you register for the classes online, you might call the store ahead of time to actually confirm that the classes are going to happen. The painting "class" no one appeared to know anything about and we ended up standing around in the paint department talking to an older gentleman about paint colors and finishes and what rollers to use, etc. I did learn a few tidbits I never knew before; however, it took all of about 15 minutes, so we piddled around the store for the next hour, oohing and ahhing over things I can't afford. LOL

We checked at the customer service department and the tiling class was a "go", so went and sat down at the table for that. We even got to use the tools, how cool is that??? I'm pretty convinced that I need a tile cutter and a pink toolbox and I'm trying to convince the husband that letting me tile the bathroom floor is a good idea and he has rolled his eyes at me now twice...sigh. He has no faith in faith. I think I need a Home Depot credit card... (JUST KIDDING HONEY!!) I also need something called a "wet saw" but I'm not really sure what it is. And a cordless drill and a hammer and a trowel and a squishy thingy (I can't remember what it's called but I'd know it if I saw it). Honey, are you getting all this? Oh and don't forget - a pink toolbox...I need something to put it all in, right? (Yes, I know, this is where your daughter gets it from)

We completed the tiling class and decided we had an hour to kill before the closet organization class, so we headed off to lunch. We ate Mexican food at the Salty Iguana in Independence. The spinach enchiladas were pretty good although I have to say the blue corn tortillas they wrap them in kind of gross me out visually. :) Again...left the stupid camera at home so no pictures of this. Finished lunch and headed back to Home Depot.

The same guy that taught our tiling class, Josh, also taught the closet organization class. It wasn't too much of a class, but he was a nice guy and humored all of our questions and talked about how his wife buys too many shoes and he was going to have to build her a special closet just to put all of her shoes in. He lost points with me because he then proceeded to talk about playing Warcrap, which we all know is the bane of my existence. His poor wife, I feel for her.

As far as the closet organization, they have a really cool website at where you can go in and design your own closet based on the dimensions, etc with their closet organizer products, so we probably could have skipped the class but we had a good time and learned about the website so it was worth it.

I totally enjoyed my day out with Sonya and we had a good time learning about something new. I'm definitely excited to try out some more of their classes - next up: Updating Bath Fixtures and Installing Light Fixtures - next time I'll remember the camera!

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