Thursday, January 21, 2010


With a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old in the house, it is hard not to find yourself slipping up and saying things that you shouldn't at times. The big boys are not bad about saying things they shouldn't although they do slip up with an occasional "crap" or "this sucks", which I believe they are allowed to say at the d-bag's house but not with Mom. I am guilty of cussing at times; however, my husband is the KING. LOL And for some unknown reason, the wee ones don't tend to repeat me when I say bad words, they only seem to repeat him.

Last night in a period of 2 hours, our 3-year-old repeated 5 different bad things he said, ending with calling him a "jacka$$", at which point I sat with my hands covering my face in a desperate attempt not to die laughing. It was decided at that point that we needed something more concrete as a reminder to not curse like a sailor.


The birth of the "Pottymouth Jar". I took an empty Folgers canister and covered it in scrapbooking paper. I tried to take a good picture of the caption but stupid digital camera didn't want to take a clear picture so it says:

The Pottymouth Jar
"When Daddy says something bad,
it buys Mommy something good."
Dear hubby said that I had to pick out something specific that I wouldn't otherwise buy for myself to purchase with the money collected, so I have decided I need one of these:

Cricut Expression Pictures, Images and Photos

I can already picture the craft projects I'm going to do with this little beauty and the hubby already owes money in the jar today, so one of these days it WILL be mine, bwahahaha!