Saturday, January 23, 2010


Small talk six for this weekend is to name six ways in which your children have tested you in the past week. Well to make it fair, I have five kids so we're going to do one for each and then a collective one at the end. lol

1. The oldest. He has decided at 13 years old that he hates me and has gone to the d-bag's house and "supposedly" refuses to come home, which is part of why we are in court. I keep trying to tell myself one of these days he's going to see things for how they are but at this rate it may be when he's in his 30s with kids of his own. It's frustrating but I love him very much and this is breaking my heart.

2. The second. He would LIVE on video games if I would let him and has also taken to just making random noises for no apparent reason.

3. The middle. Still have thumb sucking issues with him when he gets tired or is engrossed in a TV show. I've tried everything to stop this with no success.

4. The daughterling. Let's just say how DOESN'T she test me?? She's the only girl of the bunch so the boys spoil her rotten, her dad spoils her rotten and she is a one-girly girl toddler wrecking crew. She will tear up anything just for the sake of tearing it up. Drives me crazyyyyy.

5. The littlest. He assists his sister in all of her little criminal adventures and his latest thing has been throwing things at people; balls, legos, hot wheel cars(owwwww). He's got pretty decent aim for 2 years old.

6. Collectively, can someone tell me WHY when you tell a child NOT to do something, they turn around and do it again immediately???

Me: Don't touch that.
Child (Doesn't matter which one, they ALL do it, even the 13 yo): **Reaches out and touches it again**
Me: I just SAID don't touch that and I know you heard me!! Why did you touch it again?
Child: I don't know...

Sighhhhhhh. It's a good thing I love them all so much. Seriously, they make my whole world. :)


  1. Kids are a lot a like aren't they?

    Have a great Saturday!

  2. I totally hear you on the "dont touch" issue! My daughter "has" to touch everything!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I hate it when my kids say "I don't know." Sorry to say but it's good to know all kids are basically the same.

  4. Found your blog through hopping - Mother Earth News to another blog to this one. Gotta say, I know how you feel!

    I don't have kids (and don't plan on it) but I work with them 8 hours a day as a behavioral therapist. We see some of the worst behavior in the book, and boy is it frustrating sometimes!

    I'm not a big fan of corporal punishment (punishment should fit the crime, and often the crime is not enough to warrant the belt) but I will say that immediate reactions to small misbehaviors will often nip them in the bud, especially with the littler ones who might hear the warnings but not necessarily be able to think ahead and say "ok, I know what will happen if I do this!".

    My best tactic: the jump-and-yell. I put forth a usually friendly, smiling facade so it's wonderfully effective to jump their direction and yell a very firm "No! Stop that!" when one goes astray - they just don't expect it! Of course, you always have to follow it up with an accepted choice - telling kids "no" doesn't help them make the right choice, because they'll often forget what the right choice WAS, and it's our job to remind them!

    Kids are frustrating at times but they are SO worth it.