Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Strange Request

This is my "Peanut". He's 7 and getting ready to turn 8 in June. Since the boys' birthdays are all in the summertime, once spring starts rolling around, the discussion of "what I want for my birthday" begins.

We made a short run to Wal-mart Friday night and he says, "Mom, can we go to the Garden Center and buy some plants?" I said, "Not tonight buddy, it's supposed to snow all weekend long." He says, "Well that's what I want for my birthday." I was distracted and trying to get what we needed and get out and said, "You want what for your birthday?" (thinking he was looking at a toy or something in passing) He says, "Plants. I want plants for my birthday." All righty then...

He does love working outside in the yard with me and here's a picture of him planting some mums in the fall. He loves digging in the dirt. One year I got him his own little set of gardening tools and he LOVED them.

Granted, I'd love to get some new plants for the yard and such but it seems kind of like cheating him if he gets them for his birthday so I thought maybe something like a mini terrarium or something for his room? If anyone has any great ideas, I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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  1. Aww I wish my little ones would like to plant. Right now they hate dirt.