Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Mayhem - Weekend Recap

Mondays always make me feel out of sorts. It seems like the weekend is total chaos around here, especially on the "all kid" weekends.

Friday we took our first trip to the zoo...I would post pictures but after we got halfway there, I realized that I forgot my camera and hubby refused to turn around and go back to get it...meanie. We decided last year that it would be nice for grandma to do a "group birthday" present for everyone and so we asked for a Friends of the Zoo membership to the Kansas City Zoo. If you have the opportunity in your area to do something like that and especially if you have toddlers that get totally worn out and crabby a few hours into a day-long trip, I definitely recommend this. We can go for a few hours, spend some time really SEEING a few animals and talking about them rather than pushing through and glancing at things on the way by. It's been a great learning experience for all the kids and we see a section at a time and go home and can come back another day to do something else, so we don't feel like we're doing the same thing every time we go. This year we got something called the "Family Gold" membership, which is AWESOME and almost negates our need for a stroller. It includes admission to the zoo for the whole family and free train, tram and carousel rides for everyone - for our family of 7, that saves us a TON of money and we can ride the train or tram to different areas of the zoo and the little ones are at the age where they want out of the stroller every two seconds to look at the animals so we left it at home this last time and it worked out just fine. I love the zoo and the kids love it too so it's a great family outing that we all enjoy together. If you have a zoo and the opportunity for a family membership wherever you are, I definitely recommend it.

In other news...I actually saw TWO ROBINS in the front yard Friday morning...I think that means that spring must be near (let me pause and do my hallelujah dance real quick - - - wait for it - - - okay done). The weather was GORGEOUS this weekend and we got to play outside quite a bit which is awesome for the kids and awesome for mom's nerves when everyone doesn't have to be piled on top of each other in the house because it's too cold and nasty to be outside.

Friday night was Wii night for Paul and the kids (and his friend Nick, who is also a big kid, lol). I got to spend some time with my friend Sherri, whom I hadn't seen in AGES, and she was nice enough to color my hair. By the way friends, Sally's Beauty Supply closes at 8:00 pm, which is helpful to know when you decide you want to color your hair at 7:40 pm and have to take a flying run up there to get the stuff before they close. :) I got rid of my grays and got a good visit in, so I consider that a darn good evening.

Saturday, we went outside and got the bikes out and I took my laptop out to the front porch so I could supervise the festivities. The 8-year-old and I went to the grocery store and I spent $56 on a bunch of crap...he wanted fully loaded nachos for dinner, which were yummy but not $56 worth in my opinion. I need to start being a better coupon shopper. It's on my list of things to do...

Sunday was more playing outside, the sun was out and it was in the high 50s. I also love the playing outside for the "wearing kids out" factor...they have been going to bed and sleeping like little angels at night, which is great for Mommy.

However, the little angels are awake and being crazy this morning, so I'd better wrap this up and go back to Mommy duties. Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!

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