Monday, March 22, 2010

Dinner Tonight...FAIL

WARNING: This post is not for the weak of stomach - if you gag easily (umm Jeni this means you), do not proceed to read any further.

Still reading? OK, don't say I didn't warn you.

I spent around 30 minutes in the kitchen tonight whipping up some awesome cheeseburgers with the onion soup packet mixed in the meat along with a side of Green Giant pasta/cheese/veggie combo, because my little ones are not huge veggie fans unless they are mixed in something else.

I get everything on the plates and we get ready to sit down and eat. The daughterling announces suddenly she has to go to the bathroom and gets up from the table. No one has taken a bite of their food yet and then it starts....

Barf....exorcist style...for like five minutes straight...on the floor next to the dining room table.
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Yep just like that...

Hubs grabs a towel and announces that he will gag if he has to clean it up. I'm already wearing my fair share, so I grab the towel and clean it all up and clean her up. I grab the mop and clean up the floor. Then I haul her upstairs and put her in the bathtub to get her all cleaned up. I came back downstairs and hubs managed to choke one of his cheeseburgers down but had a look on his face like it wasn't going well... I tried to take a bite or two of mine and finally said "Forget it, just give it all to the dogs." Dinner = FAIL due to unforeseen circumstances.

I hope this is just a fluke "something she ate" issue and not the beginning of a household flu epidemic. Now I get to go start the laundry associated with the whole fiasco.

The dogs aren't complaining tonight, they ate like kings.