Friday, March 12, 2010

A Social Experiment...

I have picky eaters...little picky eaters that every night at dinner, it doesn't matter WHAT I fix, they go "Ewww gross!" I could fix something they like and they STILL complain...The older boys are great eaters no matter what but the little ones are not. I think they get it from their father personally...

Tonight we ordered Chinese food for delivery. The kids sat up and happily ate everything on their plates, even the vegetables in the lo mein, cabbage in the egg rolls and crab rangoon.

Hubby and I sat and discussed how they will eat anything on their plates and not complain when we go out to a restaurant and they will eat anything that comes in a takeout bag; however, they won't eat a decent home cooked meal. And before anyone decides to be cute...I CAN cook. LOL

I think I'm going to try an at-home social experiment. I'm going to the store and buying some kind of "to-go" containers. Then I'm going to make dinner, pack it up in the to-go containers and have hubby carry it out the back door, around the front of the house and walk in the front door and announce that he brought dinner home and we're going to see if they eat it.

Anyone wanna make bets?? LOL


  1. That sounds like a fun experiment. You will have to update us on how it goes!
    My kids are picky eater, they will eat chicken nuggets from anywhere takeout but not when I make them at home. Most food I cook they complain about and they complain about take out. I can't win lol

  2. Ok, my question: Who's gonna distract them while you cook? Otherwise, it's brilliant! That wouldn't work at my house. M is picky everywhere! I have no idea where she gets it from. Maybe Eric...

  3. I'll let you guys know how it goes...