Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Potty Training

The littlest has been going through a phase of streaking here lately....I cannot get him to leave clothes nor a diaper on lately. Thank goodness it's getting warmer outside or he might freeze!

Last night Daddy made a Wal-mart run and picked up a package of size 2T Nickolodeon big boy underpants. He was pretty jazzed when he got up this morning and we had Diego, Spongebob and Wonderpets underwear to choose from. He looks so cute in them and if there weren't a ton of creepos on the internet, I'd probably add pictures to this post, so I'll just put a funny picture for aesthetic purposes instead:

Underwear? Pictures, Images and Photos

First we started off with the Diego underpants and he decided those were not the deal and he needed to move on to Wonderpets.... Then Wonderpets weren't good either and we needed to check out the Spongebob pants.

He has expressed interest in sitting on the potty chair and one day he climbed up on the big toilet and went #2....with the lid down....what a mess but I at least made a big deal out of the fact that he tried. :)

Since potty training the daughterling, our diaper expense has gone down about $40 a month...I could be saving DOUBLE that if I could get him trained too!! Maybe I could get a monthly massage at the day spa?? Or pay extra on some bills, which would be the most likely solution...dangit. I think I should get the massage as an award for potty training two toddlers in the course of a year, right?

The Spongebob pants lasted a total of a few minutes and he's back to streaking again... Do you think it's prohibitive to the cause if I duct tape the darn things on him??

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