Saturday, April 24, 2010

I love rainy weekends sometimes...

It's been a while since I've had time to make anything. Between kids, the house and other stuff I've been keeping crazy busy. I made a trip to Joanns the other day and bought some fabric and decided it was time to get back on the wagon. Summer is coming and little Miss Priss could use some cute things to wear...This weekend the weather is rainy and cool, so that keeps us stuck in the house but it's perfect for sitting down at the sewing machine

I bought some material called "mock smocking" which makes SUPER EASY sundresses. Little miss loves "Fancy Nancy" and I found some with Fancy Nancy on it...perfect. I didn't take pictures of all of the steps but basically all I did was sew a seam up the side and add ribbon straps...ta da!! Dress in under 30 minutes!

As you can see, she loves it!! I made one more trip to the fabric store today (hey, patterns were on sale for 99-cents, and for anyone that sews, that's a CHEAP deal!) and picked up one more piece of smocking in Disney princesses, so that will be another project on the horizon.

We are planning an upcoming outing next month to "Girls Night Out" at the K (Kansas City Royals stadium) so the project I'm now working on is a special "baseball dress" for her to wear that night. It's my first time working from an actual pattern, so wish me luck! I've got all of the pieces cut and ready to go but I didn't realize I needed fusible webbing for the project so I'm on pause until hubs gets home from work and I can make a quick dash to grab some.

And I did manage to get some cleaning done today, so I didn't blow the whole day on hobbies (darnit). Sometimes I really love rainy weekends.

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  1. I love that smocked fabric! I have made so many dresses with it! Super easy too!!!!