Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My baby is turning into a big boy...

This is the last baby I'm ever going to have and he's 2-1/2 now.
Isn't he a cutie?

Check out the hair...the long, shaggy kind of haircut because every trip
to get a haircut ends with Mom having to sit in the chair with him
holding him pretty much in a headlock and him shrieking every
time the scissors come near his head. However, unluckily for him,
Mom and Dad don't go for the "long hair" look on boys. :)
Summertime especially is "short boy haircut" time around here.

Since he screams and hollers with the scissors and has a general fit,
I decided that clippers might be the easier way to go. Also, frankly it's
almost embarrassing to try to take him to the salon where I look
like "Mother of the Year" having to hogtie this poor baby to get
his hair cut. Instead, I asked my friend and neighbor to come
over with her set of clippers, and here is what we ended up with:

I know all moms say this, but isn't he the cutest thing??
You can just see the ornery little expression on his face, and
he IS ornery and all boy...well except when he gets mad that
his sissy and I are painting our toenails and won't paint his too...LOL

I'm almost sad at how big he is this year. Last year when he played outside,
he tried running around to keep up with the bigger kids and stumbled and fell
and had a hard time keeping up. This summer he's running right along with them.
My baby is turning into a big boy...sigh.


  1. my goodness he sure is a handsome little guy, great haircut too!!!!

  2. I love the buzz! That is sooo adorable. I love boys w/short hair!

  3. Love Liam's cut.....he was "sweet" before but now he is all boy and a "cutie"!


  4. He really is growing up! How sweet :) I think it is funny that he doesn't like his hair cut. Neither does my boy.....I hope he outgrows that LOL