Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

I decided this year that decorating eggs is messy, stains things and is wasteful because no one around here really likes the eggs well enough to use them after decorating them...

So we decided that decorating cookies was a good idea instead. I made chocolate/chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies, got some cream cheese frosting and some Easter sprinkles and we were good to go.
Delaney is hard at work on her cookies... She was really concentrating.
Liam did a "little" decorating and a "LOT" of licking the frosting off the knife. :)
BUSTED! Yes, I saw you put that in your mouth, son.
Gotta love it when the kids pick up the makeup and my head is cut off...great.
Putting some sprinkles on...
Look, I finished one!
She was very focused on this whole process...
The finished result...still messy, still have sprinkles all over the place but at least the cookies will get eaten.
And to anyone who is worried that I'm depriving the children of some Easter experience, I still got plastic eggs to hide. :)

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  1. Awww the kids looked like they had fun. I love the pick of you catching your son sticking the spoon on his mouth lol. We haven't decorated our eggs yet or even made are cookies. I'm slacking :x