Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thursday Thoughts

  • I typed this entire post, decided to add a picture to it, and then accidentally deleted everything I had just typed. Super.
  • Here's the random picture I wanted to add to the random post. It made me laugh when I took it because it looks like a 2-headed giraffe.
  • The terrible three's are way worse than the terrible two's ever thought about being.
  • I'm paranoid that my camera battery is going to run out when I'm out somewhere and want to take pictures and probably need to think about picking up a spare.
  • My hubby will be happy that I ordered the daughterling a one-piece swimsuit for this year.
  • I wish if people wanted to know things about me, they would just ask me instead of trying to put someone else in a bad position. However, just because you ask, doesn't mean you're getting an answer, some things just aren't anyone else's business.
  • Saturday is Rockfest and I'm afraid it's going to just be one giant mud-pit. I'm still super-excited to go though.
  • My daughter should have taken a nap today and didn't and now is a complete bear to deal with.
  • There is a door-to-door salesman wandering the neighborhood. I'm going to let my dogs out on the porch so he won't knock on my door.
  • Tomorrow night is Girls' Night Out at the K. I'm bummed because it's going to be too chilly for my daughter to wear the dress I've been making for her. Guess she'll have to wear it to a warmer weather game.
  • I'm still getting used to wearing glasses. They feel weird on my face.
  • Monday is my hubby's birthday. He doesn't like cake.
  • I won a giveaway on Twitter MONTHS ago and never got what I won. I've even asked the person about it. I ordered a product from someone else's website as a result because I don't think this person is reliable.
  • Trey Hillman just got dismissed as the KC Royals manager...too bad they can't dismiss the cheapskate owner too.
  • We've had too much rain the past few days and I think my poor little garden is drowning.
  • My 2-year old needs to realize that he in fact cannot fly like Buzz Lightyear. Being able to say the words "To infinity and beyond!" does not grant you the ability to fly. I am afraid we may require an emergency room trip before this phase is over.
  • It is 5:00 and I have made no plans and have no ideas about what we are doing for dinner.
  • Today is my hubby's first day of a nine-day vacation from work. I'm so excited! Just think of the honey-do list I can make!! :)
  • If I ask you a question that requires a "yes" or "no" answer, a "yes", "no" or even "I don't know" will suffice. If I want an opinion to go with said answer, I'll ask.
  • I need a different shirt to wear to Rockfest this weekend. With the temps being in the 60s, the original tanktop I was going to wear is not going to work out.
  • The kids trashed the living room today...sighhhhh.
  • Where in the hell are Max and Ruby's parents? Did they abandon them because Ruby is such a little witch??
  • The word of the day today is "gobba" - only Brittany is going to get this.
  • I hate when people who have never had children try to tell me what I need to be doing or not doing with my kids. It's a super pet peeve of mine.
  • I'm looking forward to going to the zoo Sunday with some friends.
  • My terrier has a serious case of Napoleon syndrome.

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  1. LMFAO! I'm sorry but I gobba tweet this now!