Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Delaney's First Baseball Game!

At Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals, twice a year they put on an event called "Girls' Night Out at the K". It's a great way to get ladies out to the ballpark and a portion of the proceeds from the evening goes to charity, usually the first event of the year goes to Susan G. Komen Foundation and the second goes to the American Heart Association "Go Red for Women" campaign. Since Miss Priss is now 3, I thought we would try to take her and see how she did trying to sit through a baseball game. Here's the color guard for the National Anthem:

Wrong hand on the heart there, Sis. :) Hey at least she was being respectful and paying attention to what was going on.
In the first few minutes we were there, we had to make 2 trips to the bathroom and as soon as she sat down she said, "I'm hungry and thirsty, Mommy." So here she is enjoying some "machos" (which is what she calls nachos) and watching the game.
They handed out free bunny ears at the game. Also the first 10K in the gate get a free t-shirt but we were running a bit behind so we didn't get there in time, darn it.
When Alex Gordon isn't playing, our favorite player defaults to Billy Butler. She was into it too, she was singing the "Let's Go Royals!" chant and everything.
We went to walk around the stadium to burn off some energy when she started getting restless. Thankfully at the K there is a ton to do and see. I really love it since they have redone things out there. Here she is checking out the letters outside of the Royals Hall of Fame exhibit - really cool inside if you have time to check it out.
They also have a section out at the K called "The Outfield Experience" specifically designed for kids. Kind of pricey but fun for those "once in a while" times...You buy tokens to do the specific activities and I think they are like $2 each but taking into consideration what it is to ride things/do things at other parks I guess it's really pretty comparable. Here is my little future softball player in the making:
And we couldn't pick the cool baseball themed carousel spots to sit...we had to pick the "pretty horse, Mommy, with pretty flowers on it!!" I might get her to play softball but she's a girly girl through and through...
Every Friday night at the K after the game is over (we won by the way, 6-1!!) they hit the lights and turn on music and up in the sky....
It's FIREWORKS FRIDAY! I was a little worried about this, because my daughter tends to be kind of a chicken when it comes to EVERYTHING and I was scared to death of fireworks when I was little.
However, as you can see, she thinks they are "Just booooo-ti-ful!!" She didn't want them to be over.
And on the way home, I had one tuckered out little girl who thoroughly enjoyed her first baseball game and first time out at the K.
Oh and as a side note, if any of you here in KC or the surrounding area bring your little ones to the K for their first game, if you take them to the Guest Services office in the stadium and tell them, they print out a certificate with their name on it and the date saying that they are an "Official Royals Fan" and thanks for your attendance at your first game. This is a free service that the stadium provides and is really a neat keepsake to have. I wish I would have scanned it but I forgot...

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  1. how fun!! Too bad Violet isn't making the trip with us this weekend. Maybe in a few years we'll come back and bring her with us. She hasn't been to any Rockies games this year, but went to about 15 of them last year.