Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is there a difference between a resolution and a goal?

Resolution: 1) Resolve or determination; to make a firm resolution to do something. 2) The act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc. 3) The mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.

Goal: 1) The result or achievement towards which effort is directed; aim; end. 2) The terminal point in a race.

I guess in this case one word really leads to the other; you make the resolution to get to the goal. Unfortunately I really suck at resolutions and rarely make them. Just using the word "resolution" itself makes me feel like I'm setting myself up for a big failure.

This year instead I'm setting myself a list of goals, some of which I am keeping to myself and some of which I will share with you.

  • I still have 20-25 pounds to lose from the last pregnancy. The littlest is 2 years old now, the post pregnancy excuses are gone. I've got to get up off my butt and do it.
  • I am going to take a knitting class and maybe a sewing class also this year. I started knitting scarves on this little loom thing but I would love to be able to really knit, and knit something besides scarves. I'm just hoping to find a class out there that can cater to the left hander that learns everything backwards when it comes to crafts and such.
  • I am going to read at least 26 books this year. I started with a grand plan of 50 but with five kids and craft projects, oh and that house cleaning and laundry stuff, I decided I had to pare it down some. I am currently working on this book list, which I will share in an upcoming blog, and I also need to find my booklight, which is in the abyss of my bedroom somewhere and put new batteries in it, since I do my best reading at night before bed.
  • I am going to get through all of the impending court dates we have this year without having a nervous breakdown (I hope).
  • I want to have potty training complete in our house this year and never buy another diaper again - EVER!!
  • I am going to try to make a menu and corresponding grocery list every week and stick to it so that we are eating better around here, which should also assist with the first goal.
  • I want one monthly date night with my husband - any babysitting volunteers out there?
  • I am also going to really try to keep up on the blogging regardless of what else is going on with my life this year.

These are just a few of a list of GOALS (not resolutions) I have set for myself this upcoming year. Do you call them resolutions or goals? What goals have you set for yourself for 2010?


  1. At my age I think I would have conquered getting over Resolutions and aiming for goals instead. I used to knit and crochet before I started to blog, and would like to get back to some of my crafts and hobbies as well!

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  2. I try to keep my crafts and hobbies so that I don't feel like I only get "mommy things" crafts and hobbies are my "me time" and I need it desperately!! :)

  3. I'm with you on all but the potty training unless it includes me and my weak bladder...

    Luckily, the kids have all passed that stage and instead spend their time making other messes and driving me generally insane.

    Good Luck!


  4. Those are some great goals! I love the one about taking some sewing classes. I have been wanting a sewing machine so that I could do easy hems since my pants are always too long. Maybe when I have some down time I can look into classes to help with that.