Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Friday adventure part II

The other part of our Friday adventure, also in Crown Center was visiting the fairy tale village exhibit they had going on for free (free is always good in our world).

They had kid-sized little rooms built inside a large exhibit area...just large enough for kids to dart through the passages and me barely to squeeze through as I chased them from spot to spot...
Here they are checking out the Little Red Riding Hood could push the button on the wall and it would say a line from the story...honestly some of them were a little creepy..."My what big teeth you have!" LOL
Liam thought being a knight in the castle was awesome!
When Delaney pulled down the rope, the curtain swung back and revealed Sleeping Beauty, who was also a little creepy...kind of haunted house style if you ask me, but she thought it was cool.
Liam really enjoyed hopping across this bridge.
Here's Delaney sitting in Mama Bear's chair from the Goldilocks room.
Me and the kids...I am totally squeezed in this little tiny space...
Here they are sitting in Cinderella's carriage...they can never ever look at the same time...sigh.
Well that was the last of the Friday you can see they really enjoyed it. Now it's time for a big brother adventure soon!

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  1. Of course they can't look at the same time! That'd be too easy!